1) Do CarLovinCriminals body kits come pre-painted?

All our Body Kits come unpainted.

2) Can I install the body kit or do I have to use a body shop?

We highly recommend a Body Shop. A person with less experience trying to Install
a body kit may Damage the Vehicle and the Parts.

3) What is the Average Shipping Time?

Shipping to any address in around 14 days. But please do allow at least 21 days to receive the product.
Some shipments may take longer when customs are involved

4) Can I Purchase Parts Separately?

Yes, you can, please E-mail  clc@carlovincriminals.eu for more Info.

6) What is GRP?

GRP – Glass Reinforced Plastic, it’s very strong and flexible material.

7) Will I receive a Tracking Number for my Order?

Tracking Number is provided for all orders. This will be emailed to you to your request only.


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